Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What a job...

But worth every minute. I was out most of the afternoon so still haven't finished cataloging all the magazines. So far have 41 issues of Dolls' House Magazine; 75 issues of Dolls House World; 49 issues of Dolls House and Miniature Magazine and 19 issues of the large format Nutshell News.

Still have 22" stack of Miniature Collector, 17" of Dollhouse Miniatures Magazine and 4 1/2" of Miniature Showcase to sort through and meld with my own copies.

One I'm really thrilled with it the Dolls House & Miniature Scene Projects issue from Autumn 2006. It's the Shops & Stalls issues which will really come in handy this year when our club does market stalls!

Hopefully I can finish tomorrow.

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