Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Yes! Ready to electrify!

The room is ready to go!

The chair rail and baseboards are up.

The reason I was looking for my Easy Cutter (which still hasn't shown up) is that I wanted to angle the joints of the coffee stirrers I was using for the chair rail rather than just using a butt joint. But my Lee Valley miter shears did the job.

In order to hold the stirrers steady while they were being cut, I clamped them against the angle guide as shown. Big help!

A bit more work but I like it better than a butt joint.
 The baseboard at the back of the room is glued in  place but the side baseboards are held in place with Poster Velcro from Lee Valley. The wiring for the floor and table lamps will go behind the left hand baseboard. Velcroed the right side in place just in case I want to add something electrical on that side of the room. (The wires for the fireplace insert will go directly through the back wall baseboard.)

 I got a bit fancy and put tiny brass plates on this baseboard. They have holes in them where the wires for the lights will go.
Electrical next - then I can furnish it.

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