Monday, May 2, 2011

wallpaper and crown molding up

Got the wallpaper and crown molding up.

Cut the back piece of wallpaper.

 Matched the back piece pattern to the side piece with about an inch of overlap.
 Cut the side piece and fold along where the overlap is.
 The carpet tape is applied to the back of the side piece.
I peeled the backing of the carpet tape from the piece along the top of the wallpaper and put in place along the top of the side wall. Once it was in place, I peeled the backing off the side strip on  the main piece and smoothed the remainder of the panel in place. As I neared the bottom, I peeled the backing off the bottom strip.

With the side panel in place, I peeled the backing off the folded piece and put it in place.
 Did the same on the other side of the room.
 Then installed the wallpaper on the back wall.
 I use a C-clamp to hold my miter box in place.
 I quite often put Lego blocks in my miter box to hold the wood I'm cutting. Guess I should have shown a picture of the molding being cut at an angle rather than this straight cut.
 (Big sigh of relief!) Boy! Was I lucky! All my cuts worked perfectly. If they hadn't I would have been in big trouble since I ended up with only 1/8" left over from the strip of molding.

Have the carpet installed but no picture yet.

Going to Mom's for family dinner. If we're not too late, hopefully I'll get the wainscoting and chair rail up tonight. If not, well, I'll worry about that tomorrow!

Then the wiring!

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