Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Very 'little' progress

The blind is on the window.

I used the computer to come up with a strip of paper the size and colour I wanted the window blind. I opened a Word document and inserted a text box; sized that to 2" x 6" and used shape fill to colour it. The stock greens weren't quite right so went into 'more fill colours' and found the shade I wanted. Printed it on a sheet of paper then reversed the paper and printed it again on the other side.

When the ink was dry, I trimmed the paper to the width needed for the window then added a piece of round toothpick slightly wider than that to the top of the paper.

 Rolled about two inches tightly around the toothpick then glued in place.
 For the blind pull, I cut a piece about 1/16" from a small cocktail straw and hung it from a length of white thread.
 Pulled the thread tight then threaded it through the eye of a needle.
 Cut the blind to length and folded the bottom back about about 1/16" and creased it. Using the needle I pulled the thread through the middle of the crease.
 Cut the thread pieces to about 1/2".
 Ran some glue along the crease and put the thread in the glue lines.
 Folded the paper back up along the crease and glued in place.

I fooled around with several ideas of how to hang the blinds, decided they were all too fiddly and finally just painted the ends of the blind roller silver and glued the blind directly to the window frame.
 Here it is from the outside looking in.


  1. The blind looks great. And so does the bookcase and filing cabinet. The camera is terrific. Did you make it?

  2. The camera is a metal mini that I painted in one of our club's metal mini painting workshops with Ward.