Monday, May 23, 2011

Two UFOs down - mumblemumble to go LOL

Well the grandkids (and their parents) left a couple of hours ago. Had the most wonderful visit!

They are such delightful and polite little people and it's such a joy to spend time with them.

Spent Friday at the waterpark at West Edmonton Mall, Saturday had a family dinner and went to Fort Edmonton Park yesterday so didn't get much mini-ing in. LOL

But I did keep to my vow to post something here every day even if the last couple posts didn't have anything to do with the project at hand.

This morning I added coffee stains to the carpet, a few cigarette burns here and there and a scorch mark where he set the hot coffee pot on the table instead of back on the hot plate.

I'm declaring this project finished - at least until I get around to making a trench coat to go on the hat rack.

The next project will be the bar below the detective's office. I'll be building most of the furniture for that so it could take a bit longer to do.

But for today I have to get the pictures of the office up on my fotki site and that's going to take some time to do.


  1. Love it Maureen! adding the burn marks and coffee stains make it perfect. I am so looking forward to your Bar as I am so stuck on how to make mine, will it be the same time frame or more modern? Watching eagerly to see where you go with it!

  2. Thanks Judy. I'm aiming for the same time frame with the bar. From what I've seen in my internet research, the neighbourhood bar doesn't seem to have changed a great deal over the years. But I've found a good resource for measurements, etc., for some of the furniture.

  3. I just love this room Maureen and all the little touches that give it realism. The coffee stains, cigarette butts, burn on the table. Even putting the private investigator on the window. Great detail and a fantastic scene.