Monday, May 30, 2011

This is not working....

When I reorganized my workroom mid-March, I moved the table which had been in the middle of the room 
to along the right hand wall. That made the room much more spacious-looking but I had my doubts about how work-friendly it would be.

For awhile I thought the ironing board would make a good, adjustable work table. It didn't - it wasn't stable enough and the padding didn't make a good work surface.

So I ended up working on clipboards on my lap while sitting in the easy chair. By the time I finished making something my back would be sore and there would be tools and materials spread all over the floor around me. (I'm a really untidy miniaturist.)

So I made the decision this morning to bite the bullet and get a small table to work at. My first thought was the 2' x 4' folding table that Canadian Tire has on sale on a fairly regular basis. Unfortunately, it was on sale last week. Then I remembered that this week they have an work desk on sale for only $34.99. From the look of it, I should be able to try using just one section of it and add the other if I need more room to spread out. (Wipe that grin off your face!) We weren't able to pick it up today but we'll go tomorrow and get it after Leanne gets off work.

That'll give me tonight and tomorrow to finish tidying the workroom and checking off the rest of the things on my RL to-do list.

Then back to the barroom. I'm playing with a lot of ideas for the shelving behind the bar but it just hasn't gelled in my mind yet so hopefully by the time I get caught up on RL and get the new workspace in place, I'll have decided exactly what I'm going to build.

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