Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sometimes you just gotta laugh...

Well I filled all those little file folders with documents and bank statements (complete with cancelled cheques) so I could fill the top drawer of the file cabinet.

BIG OOPS! They don't fit!

As you can see the sides of the drawer are 1/8" thick (and the bottom is 1/4").

Oh, well, this is really the first big snag I've hit during this project and it's not insurmountable.

Don't know what glue was used to put this drawer together but it was certainly stubborn stuff. For awhile I didn't think that the hair dryer was ever going to loosen it but it did eventually. So I replaced the back pieces of the drawer with 3/32" basswood and now have a drawer that will actually hold files. LOL

(I only redid the top drawer. So much for realism!)

The desk is now dressed although things are not waxed in place yet. I like to wait awhile until I'm sure items are really where I want them. And sometimes looking at a photo rather than the item itself gives you a different perspective. That ashtray is WAY too clean for one thing.

Joanne was over yesterday afternoon and we made a few slight changes to the furniture placement. It's always good to have another pair of eyes and someone to discuss options with. (And laugh with as we certainly did when I phoned to tell her about the file drawer fiasco!)

Will try to get the window blind made and installed today. Also need another wastebasket by the typewriter table. And some grunge! That's going to be the hardest part for me to do.

Our mini club meeting is tonight and I got the newsletter done and out yesterday. I'm going to take the Victorian parlour and the home gym for Show and Tell. Hope to get the Show and Sale dealer applications out sometime today.

At some point I have to stop 'playing' and prepare for our grandchildren's (and their parents') arrival on Thursday afternoon. I haven't seen them since Hallowe'en and Vern hasn't seen them since last May so really looking forward to their visit.

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  1. That desk top is great. But I do agree that the ashtray is far too clean. The filing cabinet is also good and you only open one drawer at a time for safety reasons! This office is going to be fantastic!