Friday, May 27, 2011

Slow day

Here's the first blanket chest made from Shelley's kit:
Here's the finished white one for the bedroom project:
It's painted with Apple Barrel gloss white acrylic paint sanded with brown paper.

Here are three tables by Shelley that I mentioned yesterday. the dark ones are display tables with glass tops.

I stopped at the Public Library yesterday on my way to Dollarama and found two Jeffrey Archer books on their sale tables of withdrawn books. I started reading "Cat O' Nine Tales" last night on the premise that since it was a collection of short stories, I would read one or two then get to work on my long list of RL chores. HA!  I simply cannot put a book down once I start reading it.......

So didn't get too much done today either RL or mini although I did manage to replace the cord on a living  room lamp. Went to use it in the other day and discovered that the rabbit had been chewing on it and just about destroyed it. We're darn lucky it didn't start a fire. It must have been that way for quite some time as he no longer chews cords - just the spines on any books that he can reach.

While Jonah and Holly were here, they had a great time playing with the Room by Room dollhouse. Unfortunately Vern ran into one of the rooms with his scooter so I have some major repair work to do on that also.

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