Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ready for company...

When my good friend Joanne was over the other day to look at the parlour, she asked if I would be putting antimacassars on the sofa. Hadn't planned on it as this is more Victorian style than actual Victorian but it did remind me that I had pulled some doilies and a unicorn out of my stash to put in it.

So there've been a few changes. The green Janice Crawley vase has been replaced with my beautiful little unicorn by Debbie Burville of Montacute Miniatures in B.C. (She also made my wonderful nativity scene.) The vase will go back in the box of items for the bedroom that's on my UFO list.

Wish I knew who made the doilies which were in my stash. The flowers on the piano were made by Monica Lavoie (her work is available from Danielle Perry Miniatures). You can tell they're by Monica by the wonderful little butterfly lighting on the flowers. The flowers are in a vase turned by Thomas Saunders, Turnings in Miniature. He used to live in Red Deer and for a time was a member of the Edmonton miniatures club. Last I spoke with him he was moving to Ontario and his blog is no longer up so I can't find contact information on him.

The music on the piano bench was made for me by Tina MacDonald, president of MEE.

I got the licorice allsorts from a lady in Calgary years ago when Calgary still had a miniature show. Thought Belara Beach might carry them but couldn't find them there.

I replaced Lee Ann Borgia's "A Christmas Carol" with the photo album containing our grandchildren's pictures that I made yesterday. Lee Ann's book will probably end up back in the Bombay House.

Here's a close-up of the pictures of my parents. At some point I think I'll mat and frame these. I also want to put up pictures of my mom's paternal grandparents. But that'll have to wait until I get my scanner reinstalled and hopefully working.
And here's the complete room:

Without the lights:
And with them on:
I also added cups of tea for my friend Tommi and me. Didn't have any Gallery Glass so I mixed some Tacky glue and paint to put in  the cups.

Tip: I use pop bottle caps (with the liners removed and put in my stash, of course) to mix small amounts of paint. To temporarily store it (until an item is ready for a second coat - or, in this case, until the first 'fill' has dried and needs to be topped up), I simply put another bottle cap on top. Not a long term solution but good in the short term.

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  1. I would like to let you all in on an episode, where Maureen showed a special Christmas spirit....
    She showed an item here on her blog and I wrote her that it was a wish of mine but I was thousand of miles away in Denmark.No luck for me!!
    Maureen rushed to ask for my address and a few days ago the item arrived in Denmark.
    She wouldnt even hear of payment for the item or postage.
    What a gesture!!

    Dear Maureen, thank you so much for your kindness and for the item. I do hope to be able to do something for you one day!!Just let me know.

    Merry Christmas to you, my new dear miniature friend!