Friday, May 6, 2011

Mini possibilities

Our local quilt shop has a series of free classes today and tomorrow. Although I'm not a quilter, Joanne and Sunni are so the three of us attended two sessions this morning. The presenter, Cathy, works for H.A. Kidd and company, a sewing notions distributor. Cathy is a member of the Edmonton miniatures club so not only gave the quilting/sewing applications of the items she was demonstrating but added possible miniature applications.

One item was the Clover fabric folding pen. You draw a line where you want your fold in the fabric, fold and finger press and the fold stays in place. (It's not recommended for polyester but I tried it on some polyester ribbon and it did take somewhat of a crease.) You can  also use it  on paper and cardstock. There's an  informative review of it here. In addition to demonstrating it on  fabric, Cathy showed some miniature boxes she had made for a vignette using it for the folds.

She also demonstrated three great lighted magnifiers: one with attached tweezers; a credit card size in a case; and a round one on a cord that you can hang around your neck.

There was a wonderful little vacuum to pick up scraps of paper and/or fabric from your worktable  - or clean your computer keyboard.

I picked up a package of 15 TrueGrips non-slip adhesive rings. These attach to the back of any ruler to prevent the ruler from slipping.

It was a very informative, interesting morning.

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