Saturday, May 14, 2011

MEE All Day Workshop

Every year the Edmonton miniatures club, Miniature Enthusiasts of Edmonton, has an all-day workshop in May. This year our guest teacher was Ward Kapach of Pachwork Studios. Ward is a painter of gaming miniatures who taught such a wonderful workshop on painting techniques for metal miniatures earlier this year that we had him back for the day.

Ward and Erika
 Some of Ward's work

Members brought in their metal minis and spent the first part of the morning cleaning off the flashings and preparing them for priming.

A tray of primed minis:

Hard at work:

Tina MacD. with the cauldrons and other items for her witch's roombox in  the early stages of being painted.

Joanne R.'s swords - these plus one cane took the better part of the day to paint but the end result was well worth it. Several different techniques and many shades of paint were used.
Dolores C.'s dogs, etc.

Ward showed us wonderful techniques involving layers of colour, highlighting, shadows, washes and dry-brushing.

In addition to the painting workshop, members took some time to work on the Cooperative Dollhouse. The club bought this house from Lynn's Miniatures and is decorating it with references to children's literature. When completed, it will be donated to the children's section of the St. Albert Public Library.

From the front:
The young boy from Robert Munsch's "Love You Forever".
Winnie the Pooh, the Gingerbread Man, and the Little Red Hen. The Three Bears' porridge is on the table.
Carol K. put the finishing touches on the spinning wheel from "Rumplestiltskin"

We had a potluck lunch that included some really incredible salads and desserts!

To see some more wonderful painted miniatures, check out the winners (click on the images to see them from all angles) of the Crystal Brush awards.

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