Monday, May 16, 2011

How much realism?

Just musing here....

Having just cut out over 200 little pieces of paper (documents, bank statements, cheques, etc.) for the office, I'm wondering why I bothered. With the exception of a few documents, almost all of these bits will go into file folders and into the file cabinet. And is it really necessary to have the cancelled cheques with the bank statement in a file that will never see the light of day? While one of the drawers might be open a bit so you can see a few of the file folders, most of them will be in closed drawers.

LOL Not only did I cut out all these little pieces, I went through and made sure they were all pointing in the same direction. Heck, I'm not even that anal about my RL files.

I guess the answer lies with each of us. I like knowing that if I open a door or drawer, there's something there. And I really want doors and drawers to open!

When I posted pictures of Dennis's office on one of my online groups, I was apologetic that the doors and drawers didn't open. Doc Patty replied that I shouldn't worry - drawers and doors don't open in the Kupjack rooms. I don't think I wanted to know that...

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  1. I have to laugh when I read this as I am the same way. Even though nobody sees what is in my cupboards and refrigerator (miniature)I know they are full of what should be in them. If I am doing a scene, I want to know it is complete!