Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Good day for minis

My Mom, who lives in the building next door to us, came over to play cards with Vern and brought me about a square metre of a beautiful dark green velour. It will work as carpeting but is also thin enough for a bedspread or upholstery. Has definite possibilities for the bedroom which is my next project as I plan on doing it in  white and greens.

Then I got the mail and there was a whole package of minis that I had bought at a garage sale on  Canada Minis. Not too sure yet just what I'll do with what I bought but I'm very pleased with everything.
I love the candlesticks and beer stein. Ordinarily I'd put the beer stein in the bar but since it's set in 1940 and we were at war with Germany, probably not a good idea.
I love this little wall-hung unit.
Can always use more hardware in the stash: Chippendale drawer pulls and and key plates with keys. I have a kit for a great blanket box/hope chest in my stash that might work in the planned bedroom - can see a key plate and key with it.
 Bedding set, candles and adorable telephone pull toy.

I made and installed the table and booth in the barroom. The table is just a piece of basswood 2" x 3 1/2". It's supported at the wall by a strip of 1/8" square pick and a single square pick holding up the outer end.

Tomorrow I hope to build a mirror-backed set of shelves for the back wall. Still trying to decide exactly what will go on the shelves. Liquor bottles, of course, glassware, maybe some sports memorabilia? Some coffee mugs? Coffee pot?

I'm just not seeing it yet....

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