Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Getting started on the bar

I have a head start on the friendly, neighbourhood bar as the room itself has been decorated for sometime.

This roombox is only 7 1/2" deep so I'm really limited as to what will fit in it. At this point I'm thinking the bar will go on the left hand side with mirror-backed shelving behind it. On the right to the right side of the door, I'll put in one booth that my detective will use as an adjunct to his office. Even with 24" wide tables, I'd need almost 11" of depth for two booths. And there certainly isn't room for a pool table so I'll settle for a dart board at the front of the right hand side.

Even a small bar is going to take up a LOT of room. 1/2 - 3/4" deep shelving against the back wall, at least 3" space between the shelving and the bar, about 2" total depth for the bar itself. That will leave only about 2" for the bar stools.

First the booth. I built two singles and a double using dimensions from the restaurant supply site I mentioned this morning.

Here are the singles as that's all I'll have room for on this project. The seat is a bit low but once it's upholstered, it'll be the right height. The bench backs come in heights of 36", 42" and 48". I went with the highest back for privacy.

 Here I've cut a piece of matboard and two layers of batting the size of the seat.
 Stained the wood.
This cotton is one of about 15 fat quarters that I bought in Nova Scotia last fall. I didn't need any more fabric but the selection was incredible and almost all were $1.50 - $2.00. Just couldn't resist!

I placed the batting and matboard on the back of the fabric. Placing it on the bias like this makes the fabric more manageable.
I trimmed the corners a bit then ran a bead of glue along both long sides of the matboard.
Folded the fabric over the matboard and let the glue dry.
Trimmed out some of the remaining fabric to eliminate some of the bulk when the ends are folded.
 Folded the sides of the end piece in
 Folded the end back and glued in place. Then did the same with the other end.
 The seat in place.
Made the second seat then used the same technique to make the back cushion.
 Just FYI, here are the single benches with an unfinished double between them.
Tomorrow the seats will go in the room with a table between them to form the booth.

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