Monday, May 2, 2011

Dollarama - Star Trek

Walked over to Dollarama yesterday afternoon to get four more packs of the Furniture  Touch Ups markers as I had used up all the dark browns I had. Panicked for a moment when I couldn't find them - they were just above eye level.

Although I picked up some household items and things for the grand-kids' visit in three weeks, mini-wise it was a disappointing trip. Or maybe I'm just less likely to add things to my stash 'just because'. Nah, doubt that that's it! VBG

In the toy section they had three 6" Star Trek action figures for $2.00 each. Found a picture of them online - they actually look better IMHO in person. Our store carried (from the left) 1 (old Mr. Spock), 2 (Scotty) and 4 (younger Mr. Spock). Vern is a huge Star Trek fan so I was a bit tempted but managed to resist.

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