Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The detective's office

For a long time one of my UFOs was a planned gentleman's study. So when Pat Morrison (seller id taffy 671) listed this wooden file cabinet on e-bay, I was thrilled to win it. (Pat lists a broad selection of miniatures in a variety of scales every Monday and is absolutely wonderful to deal with.)

But when it arrived, it told me in no uncertain terms that it didn't want to be in a gentleman's study - it wanted to be in a c1940 detective's office. (Some items just 'tell' me where they want to be. LOL)

So I started collecting things for that. Over a couple years, the plan in my head varied somewhat. For awhile, I thought I would have a hallway on one side with an elevator door on the far wall and a door with a transom leading into the office itself.

I had had the two story roombox from the Kelowna Show and Sale for a couple months before it occurred to me that it would work well with the detective's office above a bar.

The desk and chair are the last ones that I have from The Bombay Company. How I miss their wonderful inexpensive miniatures! Every time DD Leanne would plan a trip to the U.S. she would call and ask, "Mom, what do you want from Bombay this trip?"

Not too sure whether it's because he's a hard-working detective who sometimes puts in such a long day that he crashes at the office - or if he's just a very poor detective who lives in his office because he can't afford an apartment in addition to the office, but my detective has a couch in his office.

The upholster on this couch was originally a large white print on red cotton. I gave it a couple coats of gesso to cover the fabric then painted it. It looks and feels much like leather. There are photos of the stages of the transformation here.
I think it needs a few strips of duct tape with wisps of stuffing peeking out to give it a worn look. Maybe a couple cigarette burns...

A blanket draped over the back? Maybe a pillow tucked out of sight between the couch arm and the wall?

Don't want it TOO obvious that he sleeps here.

He has a little table by the couch where he has a one burner hot plate the coffee pot is always on. Maybe some chinese takeout? I have some great chinese takeout made from an Ann Vanture kit. Don't know if that kit is still available but it's wonderful, as are all her kits.

I had a Chrysnbon drop leaf table kit that was missing the drop leaves that I made up thinking it would work here but it was too big so my friend Joanne gave me this table which is perfect!

She also gave me this hat rack. And I bought a metal mini fedora to hang on it. Need to make a trench coat maybe?
I still need a couple chairs for the clients to sit on and a place for the typewriter.

I had thought to go with the old fashioned desk with the pull-up typewriter stand but the side door on the Bombay desk won't accommodate that so i guess I'll make a little typewriter stand and put it behind his desk.

Have started work on the hot plate. Lots of accessories to put in place on the desk. Need a couple wastebaskets.

It's coming together......

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