Thursday, May 26, 2011

bit of both

The pictures and news clippings that I wanted from Mom are in storage at my sister's in Peace River but I think I may have copies of some of them here. Hope so anyway.

I found a batch of WWII government posters online that will be perfect for this theme and the flags I wanted and a coronation  portrait of King George VI so things are coming along.

Made it to Dollarama and got a mirror for the shelving.

Dug out the blanket chest kit. It was made by Shelley Acker in Nova Scotia for Camp Mini Ha Ha one year. She was selling an extra at the last CMHH I attended so I picked it up. Shelley makes truly lovely furniture and I'm lucky to have several coffee tables that she has made.

I stained the inside to make it look like it's lined with cedar. The trim around the bottom is mitered and that did NOT go well. Tomorrow I'll paint it white and add the lid. I'm just too tired to try to attach the hinges tonight.

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