Thursday, October 20, 2016

Doodads and doohickeys.....

My friend and fellow miniaturist came down on Tuesday and we caught up on mini things.

She also brought down a package of IV clips and asked if I had any idea what they could be used for. Nothing occurred to me but I said I would take them to club and ask for input. So at the beginning of the meeting, I passed two of them around with a sheet of paper.

1 1/8" x 1/2"

  • legs for dolls, elves' feet
  • stacked and trimmed, they could be trays
  • table legs
  • mandolin (the slicing kind)
  • lined up for a fence
  • on their sides for a fence in 1:48
  • snow shoes
  • 1:48 scale curtains (upright with opening at the bottom)
  • used to hold a light fixture
  • a chair back (slats)
  • sign post: upright with a toothpick up the centre and paper on both sides. Add a base of a circle of foamcare.
  • undermount wine glass holder

The answers were read aloud at the end of the meeting.

This was a lot of fun and quite enlightening so we've decided to do it at each meeting.

Tina has a doohickey at home that she's wondering what to make of so she will bring that to the next meeting.

Display globes

Last Friday, Joanne and I were at Superstore and spotted these wonderful globes for $2.44 each. So we each bought 2. The cacti are artificial and just pull out.

The glass globe is 6 1/4" tall and 4" in diameter.
On Saturday, after our Show and Sale debriefing meeting, we stopped back at Superstore and picked up all the remaining ones - all 16 of them!

Then we took them to the meeting on Tuesday night and sold them at our cost to other club members. Went like hotcakes!

The cacti are actually a good size and may get used one of these days.

Post-Show and Sale Meeting

At our club meeting following the Show and Sale, Tina and Sunni spoke about the shadow box and the bookends they will be teaching at our all day workshop on October 29. Unfortunately I'll be in Ontario and will miss it :-(

Then we had a Show and Tell with some members bringing in their displays so members could get a closer look at them and others brought in their purchases.

Tina brought in a large bag of laser poop (the offcuts from her laser cutting) to share with club members. Got some nice pieces I think I'll find a use for.

We also sold off the remainder of the Jane Miles Collection and I finally bought the wonderful swan that I missed getting at the Show and Sale.

This is only 5/16" tall!!

Doll Club of Edmonton Show and Sale

The Sunday after our Show and Sale, M.E.E. had a table at the Doll Club of Edmonton Show and Sale. Our club members take turns manning the table and spreading the word about the club. Each person at the table brings one or two items from her own collection to show off. (I took Mom's Memory Box.)

This year there were three dealers who were selling miniatures and I picked up a couple things VERY inexpensively!

A 'silver' hinged lid box suitable for jewellery; two floral pieces and a 'Royal Doulton' doll.
I also picked up a brooch for Mom to add to her RL collection.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Oh, my goodness! Lots of personal things. Note re Mom's release calendar!

It's been almost two weeks since I updated.

In the meantime, Microsoft  has updated on me and in that process, my camera is no longer recognized :-( and I haven't been able to fix that.

BUT I bought a smart phone android and that SHOULD work....but I'm still figuring out how to do that. DD Leanne sort of pushed that on me .... and it will take awhile to figure out all the ins and outs of it.

I'll try and figure that out in the next couple days, I hope. Because I have some wonderful things to show you.

We brought Mom home to her condo from Glenrose Rehab this morning for good! We tried it out last weekend and it was such a success that we convinced the hospital to release her to home rather than facilitated living. These are the pictures of her last weekend!

Between Shirley, me and Home Care, we plan on making it work.

Now that she is again in the building next door (just across the parking lot), hope I'll be able to get some work done around here.

TINA: The calendar that we used for Mom's release calendar was a Lindt chocolate calendar. 

This was such a joy to Mom (and the hospital staff)! There were actually two extra days on it so Mom opened the second last one today and really enjoyed it!

I would certainly recommend this for a long term hospital stay. Fun from day to day for both the patient and staff! Yet no size, scent, or dying off as you have to deal with with real life plants/flowers.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

My S&S purchases, a gift from DS Marie, Mom

I really showed great restraint this year. (Like I really needed anything! Those of you who have actually seen my workroom know I don't NEED anything. LOL)

Well, I can always use another Christmas tree from the Jane Mills Collection! And this is quite lovely although I still haven't used my can of compressed air to clean it.
 Bought this great little copy machine from Littles by Irene. When you turn it on, the white piece on top moves back and forth!
 The next three pictures are also from the Jane Mills Collection:
Two plants by Connie Stitt:
 Velvet lined box and a vanity mirror:
And this lovely pot by Marie Luce Pelletier. Thrilled to get it!

This precious piece was a gift from dealer, Judy Mitchell. It's just so wonderfully detailed.

The nutcracker and the vanity pieces, also by Judy, were gifts from Barbara W. The nutcracker will go in the Christmas Shop and the vanity pieces will go in the green bedroom when I finally get back to working on it.

I also bought a 3" turntable from Luba Barnes. I don't often do very small pieces but it'll come in handy at some point. And Karen, who was helping Luba at her table, mentioned that a turntable is great for painting pieces - so may use it for that.

My DS Marie was out to see Mom and brought me these stir sticks with wonderful 1" Christmas trees on the top. They may end up in the Christmas Shop or as table top Christmas trees in the Christmas box I'll be doing to give away at our Christmas potluck dinner. OR I could use them on the tables I've been doing to go as favours to people who receive Meals on Wheels. Lots of possibilities!

Mom developed pneumonia on Monday and gave us a terrible fright. She's much improved but still not 100%. She will not be able to return to her apartment but will have to go into assisted living. It's hard to see her looking so tiny and frail. Thanks to all of you who have inquired and sent good wishes.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Show and Sale

Mom took a turn for the worse on Monday so it may be a while before I get back to posting more about the Show and Sale.

Please bear with me and keep Mom in your thoughts and prayers for peace for her and the family.