Saturday, October 20, 2018

Repairing the Penthouse

I made the penthouse in 2009 but had never shown it so displayed it at our 2018 Show and Sale. A battery had leaked in the battery pack for the balcony lighting so it had to come out - and the lighting in the bedroom was so weak it didn't show anything off.

Not only that, when I transported it, I realized that I had never glued the back on :-( . It was just held in place with T pins.

So when I got it home, it sat on the dining room table awaiting repairs.....and sat.....and sat.

Since I'm hoping to have some family here for breakfast tomorrow morning (all my sisters and one BIL are in town for DS Shirley's 70th birthday celebration), I could put it off no longer!

For the reasons stated above, I tore out all the old lighting from the back of the roombox

And replaced it with a strip of LED lighting from Dollarama. 

Added a strip of carpet tape to the back of the battery pack.

And stuck it to the back of the roombox. (For some reason, it didn't stick - which was okay since I ended up just placing it on the top of the roombox so I can just reach it and switch the lights on.)

For some reason, adhesives weren't working for me today. The LED strip lighting self-adhesive didn't hold worth a darn so had to glue that down. Held it in place with clothespins while the Weldbond dried.

When that dried, I applied Weldbond all around the room back and in the valley where the room divider was, put the back on and taped it until the glue dried.

Here is the roombox with the new lights on. Much better. Love it.

The book in the living room is holding down some tiles that I also had to re-glue.

Everything back in place and ready to put back on the bookshelf.

The new lighting is such a vast improvement and the fact that I can leave the battery pack on the roof allows me to turn the lights off and on so much more easily.

Friday, October 19, 2018

FSS - Flat Surface Syndrome

I don't remember exactly which of my miniature friends came up with this particular acronym - but it certainly applies to me.

Every flat surface in my home is always covered with this, that and the other thing.

Unfortunately, every purchase, workshop item and tool does not get put away when it should.

But, occasionally, I do get caught up at at least one point.

I have a 6' table in my living room that has been a nightmare for quite some time.

Now, I could have shoved everything into a box and considered it done...BUT...this time, I didn't do that. I took everything - one at a time - packaged it in ziploc bags and stored it properly.

Halfway through when I started...

When I finished...
 Now the pages of "The Book" are poised at the end of the table to be collated and bound.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

All non-mini - Lot of things going on in my life

Sorry I haven't been posting but there has been a lot going on - all non-mini....

including this!

Spent most of today printing "The Book" that is my Christmas present to my friends and family.

DS Shirley's 70th birthday is on Wednesday but we will celebrate it on Saturday. Younger sister, Carol, will hopefully be there for that before she and her husband leave for Arizona for the winter so wanted to get "The Book" done this year before they left so they would have it for Christmas this year. I've not had it done in time the last couple years so they didn't get it until they came home in the spring.

I still have to collate and bind the book which will take awhile.

In the meantime, I have a lot of ideas for the club's Full Day Workshop on October 27....

Will share some of those things soon, I hope.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Leo Nickerson School Arts Day

Joanne and I spent the day at Leo Nickerson School helping to celebrate their annual Arts Day as we have for many years now. Wonderful welcoming staff and students made it a great day for us.

These are just three of the main floor hallways lined with exhibitors, demonstrations and student activities. There are additional activities in classrooms, etc..

This display of costumes from the Mayfield Dinner Theatre especially caught my eye -
especially the scale model of a stage set.

This was our display table:

(From left to right: My Art Gallery, The Leo Nickerson Art Studio, The Hallowe'en scene (door prize made by Sunni D. and donated by Joanne, Joanne's 1:24 scale house filled with (mostly) fridge magnets.)

Art teacher and organizer of Arts Day, Andrea Daly, owns the Art Studio and kindly allows us to exhibit it each year. It's such a joy when students look at it and say, "I know! That's our art studio!" and ask how different things were made.

Sunni's Hallowe'en scene was a great hit....we ran out of paper slips to enter the draw for it so I had to make up more slips from a memo pad from my purse.

Joanne always does such a good job with the students and this year was no exception as she explained how she made the shingles and patio stones from egg cartons.

The students loved Sunni's scene and asked how different components were made. Had to laugh when some students zoomed in on the forks and wanted to know how they were made. And one boy wanted to win it so he could have the skeleton.

A lovely young woman won it and was thrilled.

A volunteer at the table next to us had inherited her grandmother's dollhouse (which at one time had been displayed in Victoria,BC) and hopes to update it some. A couple other adults showed enthusiasm so we gave them club business cards and will see what happens.

As always, a great day!

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Canadian Miniature Gatherings

While Camp Mini Haha is over for another year, here is a wonderful clip from CTV about it
The only miniature camp that I'm aware of in Canada. Camp Mini Haha takes place in September in Annapolis, Nova Scotia.Absolutely wonderful five days spent with miniaturists working on a project.

You might want to check our their website and see if you might be interested in attending next year. I attended for three years and highly recommend it!

On to the NEW!

There will be an Ontario Miniature Gathering in Oakville, Ontario, on April 12, 13 and 14, 2019.

This Gathering will be celebrating CANADA!.

Two Edmontonians will be offering workshops at the Gathering:

Tina MacDonald will be offering her incredible landscaped log cabin in 1"48 scale
(Also available through the Edmonton Club  earlier)

Linda Austin will be teaching her wonderful jewelry class.
(Also available through the Edmonton club.)

Looks good...

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Possible scene settings

Mission Hill Village (where my Mom lives) had their annual Bake and White Elephant Sale today. (It's usually in October but they decided to have it earlier this year to avoid bad weather. That definitely did not work.)

View from my balcony yesterday morning. Still more snow through the night and this morning.
The only things I bought were these two hat boxes.

Love the old maps on the smaller one.
I really haven't any plans for them but our club project this year is using an unusual container and Tina will be teaching using round containers at our All-Day Workshop on October 24 so maybe another club member can use the larger one. Think I'll hang on to the smaller one - maybe a world traveller theme.

Friday, September 21, 2018

VERY Off topic

In 1913, my grandfather, Charles Mould, at the age of 14 was sent from England to live in Wadena, Saskatchewan. The story I heard was that he had been "shipped off the the colonies" for stealing a loaf of bread. But I have no idea of the truth of that.

I just read the book "Listen to the Child" by Elizabeth Howard. Could this have been a story of my grandfather's life? Have no idea...

In 1914, he enlisted in the Army and fought in WWI. After the war, his parents and entire family emigrated to Canada and settled in the Smithers area of BC. I know what happened to the family after that. We've had wonderful family reunions.