Sunday, June 21, 2020

More pysanka

The pictures I showed you yesterday didn't give you any idea of how beautiful and intricate Jeanne's work is.

I'm fortunate to have two of Jeanne's work. These are the chicken eggs that I have. They're on upside down pizza props so you can see them.

the front of the right hand side one to show the detail.

From the top
When I worked at Sir George Simpson School, one of the art teachers taught staff a class on making pysanka. That's when I learned that it was too delicate and difficult for me to do.

Some eye candy (not mini) and slippers

My friend Jeanne invited me up to their condo yesterday to see what she has been doing while in isolation. WOW!

She doesn't do  minis but she does do pysanka so she finished these in the past few months. The pictures simply do not do them justice. The largest eggs are ostrich and the next smaller are emu. Truly works of art.

So while everyone else seems to be accomplishing great things, I managed to make one pair of slippers.

Barb S. taught a great workshop on Zoom last Tuesday. After missing a couple meetings because I couldn't get into Zoom on either tablet, finally got into this one using my phone.

Our kits included material for two pair of slippers so you could say this is my practice run.

Here I've cut out the heels and uppers from microsuede.

The sole pattern, ribbon, and fun foam

The sole pattern is glued to the ribbon then cut out.

The cut out pieces are then glued to the foam and those are cut out

Soles finished

The heel pieces are then glued to the soles.
I was sure I had taken a picture when I was adding the uppers but guess I didn't. It's a bit tricky and fiddly but I found that adding one side at a time and letting the glue dry before doing the other side worked for me.

The one on the right is a bit lopsided but all in all I'm happy with how they turned out.

Thanks to Barb for a great workshop!

Thursday, June 18, 2020

A blog (or two) to follow...

My friend, Marilyn D., from New Brunswick, has started a new project on her blog.

I was blessed to meet Marilyn and her husband, Bruce, eleven or twelve years ago when they hosted my friend, Cheryl H. and me at their cottage when we took a trip to P.E.I.

They live in New Brunswick where Marilyn is part of the club with another friend, Marijke,

I've mentioned Marjike's blog before. She does absolutely wonderful flowers, plants, and aging techniques.

Marilyn hasn't been doing miniatures for all that long but she is doing great work.

I'm referring you to her blog because I think her latest project is so wonderful and delightful that I think you will want to follow it. You know how, sometimes, someone starts a project that just "gets you" and you know it will be "the project". I have one of those and I think that this is one of Marilyn's.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

A fun interview

D. Thomas  Fine Miniatures has been hosting Zoominars with various miniaturists.

This one is with Adam Koch. and I really enjoyed it. (48 minutes)

Adam is a professional set designer from Brooklyn, New York with a passion for miniatures who started the popular Instagram account Dollhouse Therapy
We had a casual chat with Adam and learned more about his work in theatrical stage design, its connection with his interest in miniatures, and got to hear all about his personal 30 day challenge to build an awesome 7-room dollhouse during the 2020 Covid pandemic lockdown.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Costco box - just a thought...

When I had the thought the other night about the Costco box, it was just that - another possibility. Something that probably could be used during the pandemic.

I am not going to start this now! Just so you know....

 I have thought for probably ten years about doing a  "Secret Garden". With that in mind, I have two paper boxes plus a bit ready to go in it.

Originally,  I bought two 4' x 2' sheets of 1" thick builders foam thinking that it could be carved into stone walls. Now this box may work.

Because I don't do the outsides of buildings well, I was pleased to find (at Dollarama) six peel and stick stonework wall panel sheets (12" x 12") so I think I think about making those work.

On the backburner for now...but still a possibility.

Friday, June 5, 2020

I think this is so cool..- such possibilities. Roombox from Costco box

I was sitting on my couch tonight and looked over at a box that had come from Costco the last time I was there.  The size is perfect! It's 19" wide by 10 3/4" high by 15" deep.

As is, the front could be used as a storefront window. If cut down to the floor, if could be just an open visual to the scene inside.

Cover the walls and floor with matboard and you have a great roombox.

Cover the front and top with plexiglass and this would be finished.

So keep your eyes open when you go to Costco - lots of possibilities there.