Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Elisabeth's Dollhouse

Last year, I bought a dollhouse for my great-niece, Elisabeth. Her grandma, (my sister, Marie) and I weren't too sure how receptive she would be. She's quite a tomboy so I always said that if she didn't want it as a dollhouse, she could use it as a toy box.

I was lucky enough to pick up some great furniture and dolls for it (and get some pieces from my stash).

It took a long time for everything to be delivered to Elisabeth...first to Marie and Rob in Peace River, then to Grande Prairie where her parents live.

Everything came together last weekend!

I wish I had the pictures to share with you but I'm having computer problems that don't allow me to do that..

Marie and Rob took it to Grande Prairie. Elisabeth was SO excited that she started playing with it as soon as it was unloaded in the garage. When it was taken down to the play area in the basement, she spent 5 hours playing with it there.

I am SO pleased that she is pleased.


  1. Oh that's awesome that she likes it so much! Congrats on a successful gift!

  2. Elizabeth will become the next generation of miniaturists-
    WEll Done Maureen! :D

  3. Elizabeth, I hope that she'll become the next generation. Will do my best to make that happen.