Friday, January 5, 2018

The Book copies in the mail, movie and dinner, bulletin boards, etc.

Finally got the five copies of The Book in the mail - only 6 weeks later than usual 😔

Saw "Downsizing" with 7 miniaturist friends then went out to dinner. Movie was good. Dinner with friends was fabulous!

Joanne gave me the bulletin boards so plan on tackling them tomorrow. So far am planning one for art, one for the brass pieces Marie gave me for Christmas and another for all the laser poop that I have. Will sort through it so it's easier to see exactly what I have.

Need to make some changes in my work room before I can start mini-ing again. I'll take out my long folding table and replace it with the card table so I can get to the shelving on that wall. It'll take a day or two to get everything organized but then I hope I'll be able to get working.

Someone had a lovely antique clock for sale on the bulletin board. I had hoped to buy it to use as a setting for a mini scene but someone must have beaten me to it as the notice was no longer up today.

Since the weather has been quite nice this week, had to get out for groceries before it turns cold again next week. So also have some cooking and freezing to do tomorrow also.

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