Sunday, January 21, 2018

A solution !! to the dollhouse roof problem..

My friend and fellow miniaturist, Hoanie Y., called the other day and had a great conversation about what we were working on lately. 

I mentioned that I had been working on cleaning my workroom - mostly so I could avoid working on the dollhouse roof.

In fact, here are two work surfaces all set up to work on projects: on the left is the library project and on the right is the kitchen roombox.

So Hoanie said, "instead of cleaning the shingles off the existing roof, why don't you just put on a new roof with the wood that you bought?"


While I like the fact that the original roof is 1/2" plywood and incredibly sturdy, the shingles that remain simply won't come off easily and even where they have been removed, the surface is incredibly uneven with glue and so on.

Here is the top...
 and here it is from underneath...

It took quite a bit of effort to remove it as it had been glued in addition to being nailed every inch. But I did it!

Leanne and I had picked up a  2' x 4' sheet of 3/16" hardboard at Home Hardware (I think). I cut it down to 38 1/2" in length. The sheet had to be cut lengthwise into two sheets 11" wide. I couldn't do this by myself so I asked my DS Shirley to come over after we visited Mom and she helped me with that cut.

Cut went really well. Until I looked at Shirley who was covered with sawdust from her waist to her toes. LOL So we got out the vacuum and cleaned her off before she left.

Then I noticed that the clapboard on the facade of the house was loose so had to reglue it before I could work on the roof.

Now have one half of the roof on. Some tape and a couple nails to hold things right while the glue dries.

It's a bit late to start cutting the second roof piece so will leave that until tomorrow.

There are some bits and pieces to be cut to finish up the windows. And some cleaning that is best done before the second roof piece goes on.

But I'm hoping this will be finished by Tuesday at the latest.

DS Marie and BIL Rob were here to visit Mom on Thursday on their way to two weeks in Mexico. When they return, I'm hoping that they'll take the house home with them and deliver it to Elizabeth after they get home.

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