Sunday, August 6, 2017

Almost done!

I cannot tell a lie...there are a few things left to do: some paperwork, my kitchen project is on a table in the dining room, the dishwasher has to be loaded and I have about 40 things to put on my craft bulletin boards.

BUT other than that, the whole condo is pretty much cleaned. Not bad considering I also read a book today. AND everything was put away properly - not shoved in a box because company was coming!!!

So here's the workroom:

And these are the things that have to go on  the bulletin boards.

Carol and Fred return from their daughter's place in Red Deer tomorrow so will meet them at Mom's before they head back home.

DS Shirley is coming back from the lake on Tuesday with her friend Elizabeth (bringing me new potatoes and baby carrots!) and the three of us will spend Tuesday night together.

On Wednesday, Joanne, I and a few others are going to check out the new 100 yen store at West Edmonton Mall and go for lunch. Then I have a condo board meeting Wednesday night so don't know how much mini-ing I'll get done this week.

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