Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A surprise visit

Jeanne called today and asked if she could come down for a minute. Of course, I said, yes and was thrilled to see that she had brought Megan and Carter down for a quick visit. Was wonderful to see them and show off a few recent projects.

They brought me a couple gifts:

The chuckwagon is 2 1/4" tall. Much smaller scale than I'm used to working in but ideas are coming!

RL is really hitting me from all sides this week. We have fire alarm inspections and carpet cleaning in both buildings and will be starting the replacement of parkade lighting with LEDs.

But I have moved my kitchen roombox on to my work table and hope to get that finished in the next week or so.

The first order of business is to install some lighting then I have to give all the cupboard pieces a second coat of paint.

Joanne and I are going to Tina's tonight so nothing will get done today. Hopefully, I'll get at least a small start on the kitchen tomorrow.

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