Friday, June 30, 2017

Shadow box

Well, it wasn't exactly on my original schedule (like I really had one) but it's time to work on this.

You may recall that Sunni had some giveaways at our All Day Workshop and I picked up a shadow box on spec.

I mostly took it apart tonight and have started working on it. First I removed the back and placed it on the matboard I had chosen for the inside, cut it and them together with wood glue..

Matboard looks almost white here but it's more grey with a slightly blue tinge.

Then I removed the frame from the front and the hardware from the back.

The back hardware had to come off as it only allowed it to be hung vertically and think  it will end up being hung horizontally.

Took the glass from the front frame and started painting the frame blue.

The back and the glass had been siliconed in place so I ended up running a chisel where the silicon had been in an effort to clean up the joints.

Tomorrow I'll do more painting, put the new back in place and add matboard to the inside walls.

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