Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Oh, my, goodness!

This is going to be a very scattered report as I'm just going to mention things as the pictures came out and not bother to re-arrange them in any particular order.

Tonight (Tuesday) was our final M.E.E. meeting before our summer break. It was also our 'garage sale' meeting.

Show and Tell:

Lucille and Tina just returned from the IGMA week at Castine, Maine.

Lucille dressed this wonderful canopy bed:

and made these great pastries:

Tina made the wonderful candlesticks in a metal class taught by Bill Robertson and the silver tankard in a class with Peter Acquisto.

Our own Cheryl displayed her Cleopatra roombox tonight! Absolutely beautiful!  She was asking for ideas about lighting it and several people chimed in to advise her.

Here is where Barb is really going to come downstairs (got it right this time - as she lives upstairs from me) and kick my a$$. She has already told me I have too many projects on the go and that is why I'm not finishing anything....which is true. (I think I got my purchases past her but this will give it all away.) I'll take my chances and deal with the consequences.

BUT Lucille had this great collection of child friendly pieces on sale for only $10...and it will give me something to make a draw for when Joanne and I do the Art Show at Leo Nickerson School in September. Just have to make a room out of foamcore to house it and that project will be finished! So hope that Barb will forgive me for this purchase. LOL!

This is RL! Newbie Bev, who is one of our biggest cheerleaders and the editor of our wonderful newsletter presented the executive with roses tonight. And our president, Joanne, got a whole bouquet of them...very much deserved. Bev mentioned that Trineke had tried to get her to a meeting of M.E.E. for two years but she resisted. Now she is one of our biggest enthusiasts.

So if you're hesitating to join us, maybe her experience could be an impetus!

Now Barb will really chastise me! I have five beds already with no place to use them but I LOVE canopy beds and this one is it was only $2.00!

But Luba (who had dropped in) said it was perfect for a little vignette...and she is probably right.

When I got home, my reason for buying this stove wasn't as sensible as I had thought. But it was only $1.00 so I think I can be forgiven for buying it.

Totally non-mini for hulling a strawberry:
I bought a basket of strawberries the other day and had hoped to use this tip to hull them but the only straw I had in my stash was too small. Then Judy Mitchell, Joanne and I met for lunch at Chopped Leaf and I got a 1/4" straw with my water so I could use it. Thanks to Laurie Houle for giving me this hack.

(The straw is the white thing above the shadow.)

Take a 1/4" diameter straw and push it through the small end of the strawberry so it takes out the hull and the leaf.


  1. nice haul and thanks for the hack.

    1. Thrilled with the haul myself.

      The hack is pretty handy.