Monday, June 5, 2017

Lorry's Estate Sale

Lorry's estate sale was a project of monumental proportions. Many thanks to Joanne who oversaw the pricing, packaging and the sale itself. But none of this would have happened without the efforts of all the club members. It's not a large club but when we work together, we can accomplish almost anything.

I didn't get any pictures of the actual sale but I did remember to take some just before we opened the doors.

My purchases:
misc. fruit and vegetables; canned carrots; coffee maker; ketchup

Buy of the weekend: the egg poacher - Love it!

pie server, grater, pot, mold, corkscrew, bottle brush, ice cream scoop, vegetable peeler, spoon, scoop, two forks and two fly swatters

two copper bowls, star cookie cutter, five wooden utensils, ladle and pancake turner

Lovely 6-drawer dresser

I don't use dolls but this one has such a lovely face and is dressed so well, I just couldn't resist. Just have to wig her!?!

Picked up these napkin rings by Phillip Aitken for a friend who collects his work.

Couple filigree pieces - just because.

Got this for the sitting room for the three room roombox.

This table is so unique, I just couldn't pass it by. You can see the top below.

Fell in love with this wardrobe when we were sorting. Am glad I managed to grab it before anyone else did.

And here it is open.

Battery-operated ceiling light.

Some nice pieces of carpet

Some bricks on mesh - probably for the Secret Garden when I get to work on it.

Can always use another Christmas tree LOL

Set of chess men
I also bought another roombox with a plexiglass front and a sheet of plexi I hope I'll be able to cut to fit some of my completed scenes.


  1. Que buenas compras!! Ya tienes material para nuevas escenas y para terminar otras!!!

    1. Ahora solo tengo que conseguir trabajo en los proyectos.
      Hugs, Maureen