Monday, June 26, 2017

Kitchen vignette - finished!

Way back on February 6 (this year, at least LOL), I decided to do a vignette as a giveaway at our Christmas potluck dinner. Worked on it for awhile then got stalled when it came to installing the flooring.

And there it sat.....and sat....and sat.

I had tried. unsuccessfully, using aluminum foil to make a template for the flooring before. So this time I decided to mold it against the bottom of the container and trim it to that size.

Once that was done, I took that template and pressed it into the floor of the container. Because there wasn't much extra foil involved now, it was much easier to handle and gave me the new template for the flooring.

Another mistake I made back then was to try to use a scrap of the hexagonal photo paper and piece it.

Once I decided to print out a new sheet of flooring on photo paper (using the free online graph paper), it was a snap! I took my template and taped it to the photo paper around the curved ends. I could/maybe should have taped the entire template on but this worked. I took my utility knife and straight edge and cut the straight lines then cut the curved ends with scissors.

Yea! It fit perfectly! Checked it first then used double-faced carpet tape to hold it in place. Problem solved. (Took long enough.)

I cut a piece about 1 1/4" x 2" from a green Dollarama cutting mat, glued it in place with the rolling pin glued to that and glued a Christmas tree cookie cutter above that.

Glued the table, baking rack and paper towel holder in place and it's done!

Here it is closed up. Problem is, as you can see, it's almost impossible to get a picture without my reflection.

 But I'm pleased with it.


  1. Love the red and white combination Maureen and what a clever lady you are referring to your floor template. I also love your idea of cutting down a plastic mat from the dollar store- the scale and the color are SPOT ON, however may I suggest that you also include a faux window with a winter scene outside which would re-enforce your Christmas theme?

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth. I thought about putting a Christmas reference into this one but then I thought "why does it have to have a Christmas theme?". That would mean that it could only be displayed for that season. This one can be displayed year round.
    Hopefully the person who wins it will be a baker!