Monday, June 26, 2017

Foamcore roombox 3 - finished!

Didn't get any work done yesterday as we had our Condo Block Party then I went over to DS Shirley's to spend time with her, DS Marie and BIL Robert who were down from Peace River.
While I was there, I also reglued some of the instruments in Grahame's music room after a couple children decided to play with it.

First thing to do today was clear all the dried glue from inside the top of this glue bottle. Got that done then poured some Weldbond in. (I needed the finer tip on this bottle to glue together the roombox.

I ran a line of glue in the L-shaped edge along the sides of the floor of the roombox.

This 90 degree corner clamp is great for holding the walls in place while the glue dries. (Got these at Princess Auto ages ago.)

First (right hand) wall is up.

Both sides up and clamped in place.

Now the back is glued in place.

This is the ceiling piece with the back and two sides cut back and glue in place.

Then put the ceiling in place, clamped the front corners and books placed across the back corners to hold the ceiling tight until the glue dried.

Here the furniture is in place.

Added an "Anne of Green Gables" doll to the scene. Think I have a teddy bear somewhere to put on the bed. May add a few other accessories later but for now I'm declaring it finished!

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