Sunday, June 18, 2017

FINALLY something mini....

My friend, Barb, came down for a visit yesterday (Saturday) and we had a good discussion on my lack of mini-making lately. She was kind enough to offer to get together with me and kick my posterior to "encourage" me. LOL

With that in mind, I actually finished the demi-lune table that Tina designed and taught us. Ouch, that was way back in early April.

This is a wonderful, easy kit. You don't have to marbelize the table pieces.

I rounded the tops of the table legs with an emery board and, with black marker, stained the legs and the bottom of the piece that forms the base of the table top.

Glued the base and table top together,

Clamped them until dry,

Then added the back side legs, using Lego to keep them straight and even.

Added the lower shelf and the front legs.

Gave the legs a coat of gloss stain.

To order from Tina:


  1. That looks lovely! Now thanks to your post, I am inspired to have a go - I've just ordered the kit from Tina's shop.

    1. Good for you! If you want to do the faux marble, give me a call and you can borrow my spray varnish. It's hardly worth buying a whole can for that little use.

  2. Your table turned out beautifully Maureen!
    It's great that Barb was able to assist in jump-starting you into mini making again with a quick little kit which looks like it could be used in any number of different scenes. :))

  3. Thanks Elizabeth. It really is a lovely little table. Tina made the kit so it wouldn't take up much depth in a room so it's great for shadow boxes, etc..
    More about Barb's a$$ kicking in the next post. LOL