Saturday, June 10, 2017

Driving Miss Dolly

Today, Joanne and I went to Red Deer for "Driving Miss Dolly", a get-together of 40 representatives of doll clubs from Edmonton and Calgary and the Miniature Enthusiasts of Edmonton (us). We've been connecting with the doll groups for a few years now and it has been great fun getting to know them.

This was our second trip and was a great day once we got there. It rained all the way down and was a bit foggy (plus the GPS had a mind of her own - thank heaven we had a general idea where we needed to go as she wanted to take some weird and wonderful side trips LOL). But by the time we got almost home, the sky was blue and the sun was shining.

Some shots of the luncheon tables and the room:

There were tables set up around the room and anyone interested could purchase a half table (or more) for a suitcase sale.

We showed our Canada 150 display for the first time and were pleased with the reception.

Another first! There were several displays by doll club members. These were voted on but I didn't get a picture of the winners.

Wendy from Calgary is one of the dealers at our Show and Sale on September 17.

We had a lovely lunch then each of us stood up and introduced ourselves, had the door prize draws (more below about that) then shopped. Even had a group picture taken.

Terrible thing to admit in a room of doll collectors but I'm not a big fan of dolls...never have been. BUT this 12" doll caught my eye and I just couldn't resist.
Aren't her skates incredible?!?

The door prize table ended up with 52 donations!!! There were two things I had my eye on. Wendy actually beat me to the first but...
I was thrilled to get this roombox donated by Marilyn A. The curtain and the afghan are beautifully crocheted! It's a wall-hung box so I have plans for it. I think that the box is attached to the frame with silicone caulking so I should be able to just slice through it. (We'll see how that goes later.)

This brings me up to six new (to me) roomboxes in the last while so I guess it's about time I started getting some work done on making/redoing them.

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  1. It was a fabulous day today at Driving Miss Dolly! So glad you got the room box. I know Joanne was eyeing it too....! Every time we do this, I meet a few more collectors I didn't know before. So much fun to have time to socialize and get to know each other better.