Thursday, June 22, 2017

Canada 150 Project

Joanne is taking some time off so she brought the project over to me today.

I took it to the building next door so I could show it to Mom then I made arrangements with the building manager to leave it there in the dining room for a couple days. After it was set up, three of the residents made a big fuss over it and enjoyed pointing out various items to each other.

I'll bring it home on Saturday afternoon, display it at our condo block party on Sunday then, early next week, I'll drop it off at the St. Albert Public Library where it will be displayed during July, perhaps longer.

It fascinates me more each time I look at it!

I'm working on a foamcore roombox to hold the furniture I bought at Tuesday's meeting. Hope to have a tutorial up tomorrow night. (I'm spending the afternoon at Mom's to keep DS Shirley company while she cuts Mom's hair and gives her a perm so who knows if I'll get it done in time to publish it.)

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