Monday, June 5, 2017

A lovely visit

I did get a chance to drop by the sale Saturday morning and ran into Barbara W. who is a follower here. Although Barbara lives in St. Albert, we never seem to have time to visit except at the Show and Sale each September. But since she was already in the building, I invited her to drop by and see my minis when she finished shopping.

I showed her around and we had a great chat about minis and other things. Was able to pass on a few tips that I thought might be helpful. A friend of hers is doing a huge library so needs a LOT of books and I was glad to be able to pass on Dick Tabor's method of making faux books.

It was a lovely break in the weekend.

* * *

Because DBIL Grahame's Celebration of Life was held on Saturday afternoon, I wasn't able to spend as much time as I should have or would have liked to at Lorry's estate sale.

DS Carol stayed with me; DS Marie and DBIL Robert stayed in the guest suite here and DS Sean stayed with DD Leanne in her new home.

Friday and Saturday nights were spent visiting family and close friends at Shirley's and, of course, Saturday afternoon was spent at the St. Albert Inn at the official Celebration of Life. Then I also had some family over for brunch on Sunday morning then went out for dinner with Sean and Leanne Sunday night. And fitting visits with Mom in amongst all this.

His son, Mike, put together a lovely tribute to Grahame 

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