Sunday, May 7, 2017

The past week...pretty much personal stuff.

It was a busy week around here. My DS, Carol, and her girlfriend, Chris, came out on Tuesday and stayed in the guest suite until Thursday. DBIL (farmer) Fred hoped to be in the fields on Friday so it had to be a flying trip.

We hadn't told Mom that Carol was coming so it was a GREAT surprise and very treasured.

Tuesday night, I went to minis for a class taught by Barb S. on making a fern (more about that in a future post).

Carol, Chris and I had a good visit on Wednesday. Carol, as you may remember, is a quilter and Chris makes framed wedding invitations for friends and family. In addition to showing off my miniatures to a great, understanding audience, we had a wonderful discussion about gifting hand-made work and how people who don't craft themselves have no idea of the cost.

Wednesday night, Leanne and I took them out for dinner then she gave Carol and Chris a tour of her townhouse.

They left on Thursday, then on Friday DS Marie and BIL Robert came out for the weekend.

Marie brought me a wonderful GBC Image Maker 2000 binding machine for "The Book" that she picked up at the Put and Take in Peace River. I am just thrilled to have it since my old binding machine gave up the ghost before the publication of the last edition of "The Book".

On Friday, Leanne had an emergency at work so we had to cancel our planned morning visit to Costco. She had her second of three adoption home study visits in the afternoon then went to visit Mom then to Costco.

Saturday, (the third date we had chosen for the birthdays/housewarming at Leanne's), Leanne had to work! So Joanne and I went over a bit early to do some last minute things she hadn't had time to do. Shirley, Grahame, Marie and Rob arrived at 5 so Shirley and Marie fed the birthday pig before she arrived. Because there had been so many delays in the day, we could also celebrate Marie and Robert's May Shirley and Joanne were the only ones who had birthdays not being celebrated!

Shirley (left) and Marie

I still haven't received the rest of the pictures from Marie (or the pictures of Carol feeding the pig earlier).

Marie found me the perfect book "I Know I came in here for something..." lighthearted devotions and chuckles for those embracing those Senior Moments. It's great.

It was a gorgeous hot day so we put Leanne's patio furniture on the deck and visited out there for awhile. Then Leanne announced dinner was ready.

Salmon cooked to perfection, salads, tomatoes and peppers! For dessert, we had angel food cake and lemon meringue pie (Marie's absolute favourite). Leanne packed up most of the leftovers for Mom.

During dinner, the skies opened and the rain poured down. When we left the temperature had dropped almost 20 degrees and it was still raining.

Sunday, Leanne had her final adoption Home Study (which went well) and I took the leftovers to Mom who was thrilled to get such variety.

Love Mom. When she first came home from the Glenrose Rehab, I would take plated meals over to her. That lasted, maybe, a week or two then she was insistent that she make her own meals. So now, I pack up the components in separate containers so she can pick and choose her meal for the evening.

Marie and Rob go home on Monday after a quick visit with Mom.

This afternoon, she asked me to fix a leg on a small footstool that she has. Brought it home minus the three legs that did fit properly. Glued the diagonal piece back in again then filled the hollow with steel wool and glue, screwed the leg back in and I think everything will be good now. It sure is solid.

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