Saturday, May 6, 2017

St. Albert Art Walk

Thursday night Joanne and I went on the St. Albert Art Walk. There were only eight venues this year but the art was spectacular!

We began at VASA where our friend, Vicky Armstrong, was among the many exhibitors. Absolutely great work in several media! This year's theme was botanical so we saw some incredible artwork highlighting flowers in particular. A long-time supporter of the arts and former alderman, Carol Watamaniuk had a display of absolutely beautiful jewellery.  There was one necklace that I absolutely loved. Carol put it on me and it was SPECTACULAR! Especially since it matched the blouse I was wearing. It was really pricy but if I wore jewellery at all, I really would have been tempted. Actually I was tempted, I must admit, but (1) knew I probably couldn't afford it and (2) that it would sit in my jewellery box and never be worn.

Then we headed to St. Albert Place (City Hall) to see the exhibits at the Library, Wares (a shop featuring work from St. Albert artists) and the Heritage Museum. The Library displays included Joanne's miniatures, more of Vicky's work (she has some of her paintings on display as well as the murals that are permanent displays in the Library) and paintings by Luisa Mendler-Johnson who is on the STARFest Committee with Joanne and me.

The St. Albert Art Gallery had a wonderful display of art from students at the local high schools. Really excellent work. There are some great artists that I'm sure we'll be seeing more of.

After we left the St. Albert Art Gallery, we saw a sidewalk display by Judy Leila Schafers. Two or three years ago I bought a fridge magnet from her that became the focal point of my first art gallery in miniature. (Centre of back wall behind the counter.)

At that time, I had sent her an email through her website telling her how I had used the picture but hadn't received a reply so didn't know if she had received it or not.

But this year I bought three more pictures (fridge magnets -pictures mounted on foamcore) and mentioned they were for miniature art galleries. And she did remember!

They're large: lower left is 5" x 2 3/4" but I do like larger pictures in both RL and mini.

A really great thing about the Art Walk is that many of the artists have business cards with pictures of their work on them so I collected these cards that will give me some terrific art work to put on my mini walls.

I mentioned this to the artist whose card is on the lower left and she seemed quite pleased that I wanted some abstract art for my walls. BTW her work was wonderful and I was sorely tempted by it.

It has been a hectic week. Lots more to tell you but that will have to wait....probably until Sunday as Saturday we're having a combined birthday party/housewarming at Leanne's.

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