Tuesday, May 23, 2017

RIP - Grahame Allen, April 1936 - May 18, 2017

My dear sister Shirley's best friend and husband of 35 years passed away unexpectedly last Thursday.

He loved Shirley, family (both his and ours), music and border collies. Until  a year or two ago, he played drums with a small band that entertained at seniors' residences. All gatherings at their home ended with Grahame playing the piano for singalongs.

Thank you, Grahame, for all the laughter and music you brought  into our lives. You will be missed.

I made this music room a year and a half ago and had planned to give it to Grahame for Christmas this year. It will go to either Shirley or his son, Mike, one of four surviving children.

Grahame and son, Mike, New Year's Eve 2014 at the U. of A. Faculty Club.
I made one change in the music room before semding it to Shirley's.


  1. So very sorry to read of your loss. What a fine, thoughtful tribute the music room is.

  2. Thanks Barbara. Just have to add a border colllie and a sign "Without music the world would be flat"