Monday, May 29, 2017

A few additions to Grahame's music room

While the roombox definitely represented Grahame's love of music, there were a few things missing. I had done the clock case for his 80th birthday last year which covered his love of sailing and his drum kit.

But neither included his beloved border collies! I didn't have one in my stash so I put out the word to the members of M.E.E. and Teresa picked one up for me and delivered it to me on Saturday at our all-day workshop. Thanks again, Teresa.

Of course, the collie had to have his sheepskin bed so I cut one from some fake fur my sister Carol had given me years ago....and made him a play rope from six strands of embroidery thread braided and knotted at each end.

A family member had given this to Grahame and it was propped on his piano so found it online and miniaturized it. (Although it's more 1:6 scale than 1:12 so it can be read more easily.)

Mike's daughter, Carly, wrote a beautiful poem in her grandfather's memory. I printed it in Arial 3 and framed it with coffee stirrers stained black with a black marker.

Here the frame has been glued in place around the poem, then the paper trimmed.

I put a small strip of carpet tape across the back top of the frame so it could be put on the roombox wall.

If I get a chance, I'll try to get an updated picture the next time I'm at Shirley's.

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  1. A lovely way to remember someone and acknowledge the interests they'd enjoyed