Wednesday, April 19, 2017

My t-shirts (really are mini-related)

A couple weeks ago, I started taking clothes from the left-hand side of my closet (sort of no-man's land). Had some lovely blouses there that I had forgotten about....then I came across the two t-shirts that my sister Shirley had made for me probably 8 Christmases ago. (Click on the links below the t-shirts to see the actual scenes.)

The memory box I made for Mom.

Dad's workshop in the garage.

Mom loved it when I wore "her" scene to her place on Monday and I wore Dad's to club last night. We've had several new club members since I wore it last to it was sort of fun.

Shirley made these using fabric transfers from Staples

They're wonderful! And get a lot of attention!

BUT, if you want to do one for yourself, I would make some changes...DO NOT put it on the front of the t-shirt. Women will look and 'maybe' ask about it. Men will look and definitely will not ask about it. Not to mention that your breasts will distort the picture a bit (LOL).

You could put something on the front like "Maureen's World of Miniatures - see my back" and put the picture of the mini on the back of the t-shirt with something like "I'm a miniaturist - ask me about my work."

Just a thought....


  1. Great idea, Maureen. What a thoughtful gift from your sister. - Marilyn D., Oromocto, NB, Canada

    1. Marilyn,
      I am truly blessed to have three sisters and a mother who support my mini-addiction. They don't share it but they always find great mini gifts for me.