Sunday, April 9, 2017

Joanne's sewing maching; Some more marbling

I'm late posting tonight as I had to watch Team Canada, skipped by Brad Gueshoe, win the Men's World Championship. SO proud of them! Team Sweden also did well but not well enough.

Yesterday, Joanne brought over her Bodo Hennig sewing machine and the wonderful base she made for it from a kit. Although you can't see it here, we made a "HENNIG'  logo to put on the lower part of the base.

My (on my own) marble table top.

I took this paint shield (Thanks, June)  out from under my bed and put it together again. (I actually put tape up on the sides to keep it together.) Put newspapers in the bottom to keep things clear.

I put the table tops on two chopsticks with double tape so I can deal with them easily.

I hung some paper in the back of the 'room' so I can turn the spray upside down and clean out the spray.

Gave the table tops a second spray of varnish.

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  1. This is such a great idea Maureen, your spray tent works like a charm and your marbled table tops look Great!