Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Home from Leanne's, Dollarama

Got home from Leanne's after three days of house/rabbit sitting. 

Hope she can find things after I "organized" her main level. Left her notes of where I put things so hope it all works out.

It's a beautiful kitchen with lots of cupboards and a great backsplash!

Her living room with the new couch and loveseat. Picture doesn't do it justice. The furniture is a dark charcoal and the painting is a wonderful picture of birch trees. I just put some of the plants where I thought they might work.

Including these on the dining room chairs!

Love Mom and Dad's dining room suite in her dining room! With all my china and crystal plus some of Leanne's own lovely things. Including the plant that's an offshoot of the one that we had in our bathroom at 16 Larose Drive in 2002.

I got home about 10 a.m. Monday. Called Mom and got caught up on condo business, went out for a haircut (long overdue) then picked up some things at Dollarama.

First of all, I picked up several boxes of bags so I could finish up sorting Lorry's fabric and trims. Then I found a few things that I needed for minis.

I needed some small superglue tubes and this seems to meet the criteria - four tiny tubes!

This 5-minute epoxy should do the trick for some tihings.
And that will bring my adhesive count up to about 15!!!

This LED strip lighting should be interesting. Heard about it on Canada Minis.
I'll  give it a try and report back.

This is interesting. About a year ago, Dollarama had the bride cake topper available. I'm pretty sure I bought her but I'm not sure and can't find her. However, for $3.00, the groom isn't too bad. He could be a minister or some other figure....scale is good.
Although I don't ordinarily use figures in my scenes. But for $3.00...
Tuesday night, Tina is teaching us how to do a marble finish.  She is such a great instructor that I'm looking forward to her class. I don't want, at this point, to do a table top, so I'm planning on taking a  statue that I hope to use in my Secret Garden and marbleize it.

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