Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Giving faux marble another try...

I currently don't have the spray acrylic varnish that Tina called for so I decided to make another table top that I can experiment on.

And there was a nice round piece in the laser poop so decided to experiment on that.

I sanded the top then painted the piece black on both sides.

When that was dry, I sponged on Hunter Green.

Then, using the same sponge, added some Leaf Green.

Spread the piece with clear water, than used a toothbrush to spatter it with Ivory White.

Again coating the piece with clear water, used a liner brush to add veining to the piece. I only had a 3/0 brush so not as success as it would have been with the 10/0 called for. I've also seen instructions for using a feather for the veining which I would have liked to try but couldn't find that either 😒

Not terribly pleased with it, but honestly, it looks a bit better in person than it does in the picture.

Because this piece is much bigger than the ones I did at the workshop, there is a fair bit of warping so I've put it under a book until tomorrow when I'll do some experimenting with brush-on varnish and see if I can make that work.


  1. It was a great try, Maureen. I have used the tip of a toothpick for veining before - and a light touch. Another hint Giac gave me this past weekend was to spray a coat of varnish in between each layer of colour. He said it adds a great depth to the marbling. I'm going to try it one day soon! - Marilyn D., Oromocto, NB, Caadaa

  2. Love to hear your and Giac's hints. We'll combine all these hints and do great work!

  3. You can also use a strip of card cut to a point for veining, although you will have to keep cutting new points. Marbling is quite intensive....