Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter weekend, then MINIS!!!

Went to bed last Friday with virtually no snow on the ground and woke up to a blizzard with a forecast of 10" of snow. Discussed it with family and decided to postpone the housewarning/birthdays party until the 29th - then Joanne reminded me we would be in Calgary at the Doll Show that day so now we're trying for May 6.

Monday, back to virtually  no snow on the ground again; then yesterday, more snow. On Monday, Leanne made me kung pao chicken for dinner in exchange for my putting together her new headboard and another bookcase. (Made the same blinking mistake that I made on the last one. Grrr!)

Was about 11 C today so almost all of the snow is gone again....

On to the minis:

Last night at club, we held our Shirley Phillips' estate sale. I had already bought a Christmas scene in a gift bag through the club auction and picked up a couple things. Didn't spend a great deal but pleased with my purchases.

All these wonderful House of Miniatures kits. Fortunately I've made all but one! The only one I haven't made is the desk  third up on the far right and since I have 5 or 6 desks in my stash, truly don't need another.

Shirley had all these Avon miniature room sets (1:24 scale).
My purchases:
The bag needs some repairs at the corners of the "window" but I'll want to add plastic to protect it from dust so I'll do that and frame the opening. Shirley made wonderful chairs and couches....and the tree is nicely decorated.

Practically stole this ass they couldn't get the glass our of the front. But I got it out so that's good.
Like the plant, chair and fan but not wild about the rest of the furnishing. So I'll probably gut it and use it for something else as the wallpaper and paint job are great.
 Nephew David and Laura are expecting another baby so picked up this baby (love how she's sucking her thumb)

and this beautiful bassinette! (I DO have a plan B if it's a boy.)

This beautiful St. Patrick's Day piece was made by Karen Jones of Edmonton. Have the candles for the candlesticks.

Got these two frames (1 1/2" x 1 3/4"). Showed the back of one because they are actually brooches.

There was only one package (6 pieces) of the Houseworks drawer handles but they'll look good in my kitchen.

Swore I wouldn't buy anymore lamps but this sconce was only $1 so had to have it. LOL

Got this wonderful little package of kitchen basics (butter, Carnation milk, salt, mustard, HP sauce, miracle whip and ketchup) for the kitchen I'm (supposed to be) working on.

Kudos to the club members who priced this estate for sale! A couple of our newer members were in the group that priced this estate to ease them into it. It's always such a fine line between what you know the person probably paid and what you think people will be happy to pay. They did a great job in my opinion. Thank you.


  1. Hi Maureen! Your crazy Edmonton weather sounds similar to what we are experiencing here in Vancouver, only ours are violent downpours and thunder, then sunshine, then more heavy Rain, then more sun- and so it goes throughout the rest of the day and into the night- what a SPRING!?

    Meanwhile, the new minis you've picked up from the estate sale have gone to a good home. :) I love the fancy gold picture frames and the baby with the bassinet, so pretty!
    I am curious about the average price of the HOM kits, since I am needing to price some for an estate sale for a friend and I would really appreciate any guidance from a pro.


    1. Well, I always say that if you don't like the weather here in Alberta: wait and day - and it will change. And that seems to cover weather everywhere. LOL

      I love the things I bought at the estate sale. Of course, I always say I don't need anything then something(s) just call out to me.

      We have always priced the HOM kits at $5 each across the board. That's what most dealers at our S&S price them at so we just follow their lead. There are a couple, such as the candle holder and other ones that only have a few pieces, that I would probably accept $2 or $3 for.

      Just FYI, we tend to price artisan pieces at about 1/2 their value and group smaller accessories in bags worth $1, $2 and $5.

      Certainly not a pro but we've handled several estate sales so far and, as I've repeated constantly here, it's SO hard to find the fine line between what you know the original price was and what people are willing to pay so you can sell things quickly for the family.

      If I can help at all, please email me at and I'll try to tell you what we have found helpful.


  2. Thank You Very Much Maureen for this information. I agree that if you need to move the merchandise then it has to be priced according to the current market. And there is definitely a fine line between what an item is worth to an individual and what it is worth to a future purchaser.
    Your advise has been Very Helpful and I'll keep your email address on hand - thank you! :D


    1. Interesting note, Elizabeth. We were at the Doll Show in Calgary on the weekend and the HOM kits were priced at roughly $20 for the more complex ones and $10 for the simple ones. Didn't see them selling. Think our pricing is more in line BUT you never know.