Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Catching up on RL

Cleaned my desk off: shredded a whole pile of stuff and filed the rest! Well done!

Filed my income tax and paid what I owed. Nice going as I filed 17 days earlier than last year. We won't talk about how much earlier I could have filed 😐 Shirley will come over soon to file her and Grahame's taxes.

Today was DD Leanne's 42nd birthday. Our family is celebrating three birthdays at Leanne's new home on Saturday, April 15. My 70th birthday (March 27), BIL Grahame's 81st birthday (April 3) and, of course, Leanne's birthday and her new home.

My birthday pig!

When I turned 60, my sisters gave me a "birthday pig" (not this one). Each of my sisters filled it with 60 Loonies (for those of you who aren't Canadian, those are dollar coins). So I had $180 to spend as I wished. That year I spent it to go to Camp Mini Ha Ha in Nova Scotia.

In turn, we filled that pig with $60 each for my other three sisters as they turned 60.

Now that I have turned 70, the tradition continues. When we celebrate my birthday on Saturday, I will receive the latest birthday pig with $210 in it - $70 from each of my sisters.

My youngest sister, Marie, found this pig and passed it on to me along with some Swarozki crystals and I took those and things from my stash to decorate it accordingly. What fun!

A really fun way to celebrate out decade birthdays!


  1. What a great tradition, Maureen! Belated Happy Birthday to you! Have a wonderful time at your joint birthday party surrounded by all the people you love. - Marilyn D., Oromocto, NB, Canada

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes, Marilyn. The pig is SUCH great fun! Think maybe we should pass it on to the nieces and nephews? Of course, then there is the distance least we are all within a day's drive of each other. The cousins are scattered all over.