Friday, March 24, 2017

Nothing much going on...

After ten days on antibiotics, the worst of things seem to be over although I have absolutely no energy for anything. Have only been over to see Mom very briefly twice as I certainly don't want her to catch anything from me.

Shirley and I went with Leanne yesterday to pick up the keys to her new place. It's every bit as nice as I remember it from our first walk-through. The movers come on Monday afternoon so things are coming together. They'll pick up her things from her apartment then stop here for the dining room suite, china and crystal, and some other odds and ends of things I'm giving her.

I wasn't up to going to our MEE meeting on Tuesday night but Joanne delivered the last of the orders from Grandpa's Dollhouse for me and picked up both Barb R.'s and my club birthday gifts.

made by Barb S. Pot is about 1/2" in diameter.
Isn't it gorgeous!

Will be spending Tuesday at Leanne's new place waiting for deliveries then will spend the weekend there rabbit-sitting while Leanne and a friend take a quick trip to Montana.

I'm hoping that after all that I'll get some energy back and be able to, first of all, finish sorting and pricing Lorry's fabric and trims for the estate sale the first weekend in June, then hopefully actually do some work on my own minis.

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  1. So sorry to hear you haven't been well, Maureen. This changeable weather we're having at this time of year doesn't help to keep germs at bay either! I hope you're coming around now. And yes, in answer to your question, that pot of succulents is gorgeous indeed! - Marilyn D., Oromocto, NB