Thursday, March 2, 2017

Lorry's Estate Sale

It has been a looong two days of sorting through and pricing the first batch of Lorry's minis. And a lot of fun too. A lot of "Oh, my, look at this!" and "Isn't this incredible!"

Yesterday, Tina (seen below), Barb S., Maureen M., Joanne and I spent the day sorting and pricing mostly furniture and larger pieces.

Joanne, bless her heart, fine sorted the work from yesterday after we left.

There were only three or four boxes left today but they contained most of the drawers from Lorry's large storage cabinet of accessories so Barb S., Anne Fontana (one of Lorry's best friends), Joanne and I spent another long day together. Anne's help was invaluable in pricing many of the pieces that were purchased in Britain.

Anne F. and Barb S.
There are SO many incredible bargains! Most things are 50% or less of the original purchase price and many smaller items are in grab bags for $1, $2 and $5. (Just FYI, none of us who take part in this process get to buy anything early. We take our chances along with all the other customers.)

We hope to pick up the rest (about 65% of her stash) in the next couple weeks and get it sorted and priced soon after that.

It's a huge process that's hard on our eyes and backs but it's worthwhile to see all the wonderful minis. I've seen some wonderful pieces by artisans I've only ever heard of.

HUGE THING: Even if you're not an artisan, please sign and date  your work. We saw some great work today that we were totally unable to identify.

I'm one of the worst in this regard. I try to remember to sign pieces if they're gifts but other than that, I rarely do. They're for my own use so why bother? Handling an estate will certainly teach you otherwise.

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