Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Some baking

I have a fair number of these cookie tins in my stash. The round one is almost 1" in diameter and the square is 3/4" x 3/4". The decorations for the tops of the tins are nail art.

SHOOT! I was certain I had taken pictures of the cookies I made. But evidently not! Thinking on it, I had made the cookies on a piece of aluminum foil and thought the picture would have too many reflections so didn't take the pictures. Then forgot until they were in the tins.

On the left are the coconut macaroons (a family favourite). These were made by squeezing white puffy paint onto aluminum foil and drawing it up into a point. I let them dry for at least four hours then lifted them off the foil and put them into the tin.

The thumbprint cookies were made by punching 1/4" holes from beige fun foam and adding a dollop of red puffy paint in the centre. My hole punch didn't cut the cookies out well so I folded a piece of foil around the foam and cut through all three layers. That gave me a clean cut.

I didn't have a baker's rack in my stash so I decided to take the black shelving unit from my original plan and repaint it white Krylon enamel.

Since it's too cold outside to spray paint, I used my makeshift paint booth to do this. I set one banker's box in my bath tub, covered that with a large painter's drop cloth, put a second box lined with wax paper on top of it and draped the drop cloth over the box and the tub. The drop cloth protects the tub from any overspray and the box contains any direct spray. BIG PLUS - I can turn the bathroom fan on to get rid of the smell!

The shelving is on a separate piece of wax paper.

After one coat

After the second coat. Still a couple spots that I missed so gave it one more coat.

After the paint has dried, in the morning, I'll decide whether I'll take a pin and clean out the paint in the holes - or put decorative paper on the shelves.

I love that this is coming together in my head (always fun). It's nice, too, that as I work on it, I can take things over to show my Mom. She's enjoying watching the progress.

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