Monday, February 6, 2017

Christmas vignette for potluck dinner, lucky find

You'll remember the red leatherette case that I decided would work for my vignette for the Christmas potluck dinner.

Originally, I thought I would do another Christmas scene. My Lemax tree was too tall so I ended up thinking about other pieces from my stash. I'd add some colourful beads to the tree; upholster the chair in white; add a white carpet; and put some books, cookies, etc. on the shelving. The picture is a gift tag that was on my gift from DS Carol last Christmas. Add some gifts under the tree.... And it would be done.

Then my mind headed in another direction - a baking scene! I have a stove, lots of bowls, pans and cookie sheets, ingredients, and finished baking. None of the tables in my stash, however, would work so would have to make a table. I've made lots of these over the years so will only take about half an hour to make one for this scene BUT really wanted to use up my stash. On the other hand, this would make a good, well fair, dent in my kitchen stash. And I have this photo paper flooring left over from my big kitchen.

Think it will be the kitchen but will maybe sleep on it.

One of the things I did over the weekend was help sort through the condo's Christmas decorations. While we were doing that, Wendy found this great lantern (about 1 1/2" tall) and was about to throw it out until I snatched it from her hand (well, not really but close). She was quite understanding 😉.


  1. Me gusta la idea de que tapices en blanco la silla y la alfombra también blanca,algunos adornos en el árbol y la escena navideña quedará preciosa!!!
    Gran idea la de la escena de hornear,así aprovecharás todo el material que tienes!!!
    Precioso farol,que bien que lo conseguiste antes de que lo tirasen!!


    1. Gracias, Pilar. Supongo que ya he decidido hacer la cocina. Tal vez pueda salvar la escena navideña para algo más tarde.
      Me encanta la linterna pero no sé cuándo o cómo voy a utilizar.
      Abrazos, Maureen