Friday, February 10, 2017

Canisters and bowls

At one time, Joanne worked for a pharmacy so through her I have a good supply of the plastic barrel type holders of dessicants. Awhile back I took a bunch of them, attached them to double-sided tape and painted them white with enamel spray paint.

So for this project, I used two of them - one for a flour canister and another for a sugar canister.

My original plan was to use these mini letters and the longer nail decals to decorate them. Although the lettering would have worked for the flour, it would have been much too large for the sugar. So I did that lettering on my computer.

I wanted to use matching decals on both the canisters and the three bowls so went with the butterflies.

The three bowls, the two canisters and the decals.

Here are the canisters (I think I'll cover the paper with clear nail polish):

And here are the bowls!

Knew I wanted a carton of milk on the table so I found this one on Toni Ellison's blog  I did resize it smaller than Toni had it but I thank her for it. (All the folds on the top are challenging but worthwhile!)

Mom was SO impressed with the milk carton (especially loved the cow on it).

We have our Mini Day Out tomorrow so I'm hoping that I'll be able to get this project finished.

And take it to show Mom!

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