Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A wonderful gift!

On Monday, Tina, Joanne and I spent the afternoon at the home of Don Saunders, husband of our late friend and mentor, Lorry.

One of our tasks was to make gift bags for each of the members of M.E.E. from Lorry's stash as a gift from the Saunders family. Each bag contained a chair, a piece of porcelain (mostly by Janice Crawley) and either a teddy bear or a piece of art. We began handing these out at last night's meeting.

What an incredibly kind and thoughtful thing for the family to do!

My bag contained:

Sorry, I didn't have the lid on the teapot properly.
Barb R. wasn't able to attend last night so I picked up her gift bag for her and delivered it this afternoon. She received a chair, a lovely picture in a brass frame and a brown betty teapot.

We both hope to make little scenes in her memory from these items.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent packing up about 1/3 of Lorry's stash and moving it to Joanne's where club members will price it next week. Then we will be returning and packing up the remainder of her stash and moving it to my place so we can price the rest of the items.

I hope to publish the details of the sale of her things tomorrow so you can start saving your money and saving the date!

This sale will NOT include any of Lorry's finished scenes or roomboxes. There is one 'in progress" front-opening dollhouse. But after roughly 40 years of collecting, there is something for everyone - from the less expensive to Bespaq and artisan pieces. Most things are in 1:12 scale but there are a few 1:24 and some 1:48.

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