Wednesday, January 18, 2017

MEE meeting - garage sale

Oh, my goodness, what wonderful gifts!

Tonight was a 'garage sale' night at MEE. I went prepared! Had about $30 in change in my purse. BUT jusr didn't want anything. Oh, my, I have SO much in my stash!

Oh, Shoot!

Joanne gave me one of her librarian pieces! Gorgeous piece with wonderful background. I think I can work with this.

Oh, MY! Thought this piece from Erika would be great for the librarian scene.

But my best thought is that this red piece will make the absolutely best setting for my annual Christmas scene at the potluck dinner.

Now WOW! All these oriental pieces were in the red case. 

This will be one of the "repair" pieces for the BINGO card.

Oh, my goodness! This is the shoebox containing all the other things I've kept for "oriental".
 This is what I did originally! Absolutely love the lamp BUT it is SO small!

I definitely need a roombox for all this!

As always, have to think on this.


  1. I can understand your dilemma when surrounded by so many minis! Just a note. the term "Oriental" is offensive to Asians.

    1. Thanks for letting me know that. It certainly wasn't my intention to offend.

  2. Geniales compras,ahora sólo tendrás que decidir que escenas hacer con todo el material!!

  3. Gracias, Pilar. Viniendo con algunas ideas ... pero no hay prisa.
    Abrazos, Maureen